TSHICC – Getting Connected

TSHICC – Getting Connected

At TSHICC, we value our family and community.  You’ll find that we have many ways to be involved and to be part of using your own gifts and talents for our community and the world.

Here are some of the ways that we make people a priority at TSHICC:

We have Greeters inside the front door to welcome people and help them find things.

On special occasions, our Hospitality Team provides juice, muffins, and cookies, after our service.

The First Time Visitors Team has lots of chatting and connecting. Our first lady, Malissa is always standing in the back to greet you with a hugs and blessings.

Families with children are helped by the cheerful Youth Team members.

Our Youth program offers older kids their own space to connect.

There is lots of singing in our services, and our Musicians/Band help it be a joyous and moving time.

We have Ushers to help organize the morning.

The Social Media Team uses the sound board and Powerpoint to add to the service.

There is a Prayer Team, where a person can be comforted and connect with God.

The Dance Ministry explores artistic ways to enrich our church experience.

Our Office Staff is helped by Volunteers, preparing things for Sunday.

We are neighbors, being part of our community.

We have special events like our Fall Festival,  New Year’s Eve, Youth Snowboarding plus more with lots of ways to have fun.

Our Facebook page is an active place of celebrations, live sermons, announcements and community.

Experience a visible demonstration of the love of GOD and find your destiny. Please go to contact us for further information.  Please state what team you are interested in working with.