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Registration for fall classes begins June 26, 2018.

Fall semester classes begin 9/26- 10/31.


How To Study The Bible For Yourself

Instructor: R. Kevin Matthews

You will learn to study the Bible for yourself book-by-book and chapter-by-chapter. In addition to performing word studies in Hebrew and Greek, you will discover methods of reading, interpreting and memorizing the scriptures in the Bible. You will become proficient in using biblical tools such as Strong’s Concordance, Vine’s Dictionary, Bible Commentaries, and much more. You will (1) Be motivated to enhance your biblical knowledge through daily devotional reading; (2) Comprehend the importance and difference between the Old and New Testament and (3) Understand facts concerning the origin of the whole Bible.


Five-Fold Ministry

Instructor: Brenda Jordan

The class is a comprehensive study of the five-fold ministry. In this course you will learn the purpose and the function of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. This class will also help you to understand that not everyone is called to the five-fold ministry; however, everyone has been given a special gift to do ministry within the Body of Christ.


God’s Plan For Your Life: Vision & Destiny

Instructor: Max Manning

This life-changing class will help you to discover who you are as God’s creation and His vision for your life. In this course, you will discover your spiritual gift assignment, understand your temperament and develop your personal vision statement, mission, goals and your life plan. You will also learn how to use your spiritual gifts and temperament for effective service in life and in ministry.


Blood Covenant

Instructor: Marv Ellis

You will receive a greater appreciation of the enduring nature of the Covenant and the unique characteristics of the Blood of our Messiah. We explore the biblical descriptions of the Blood’s many functions, including its covenant ratifying authority, its cleansing ability, its life-giving properties, what it is to “plead the Blood”, and more. Discover your true identity as a believer through the powerful Covenant of the Blood of Christ. This is a Hebraic Roots class that reconnects the modern-day believer to the truths, themes, and understanding of the biblical culture; highlighting its original meaning and its significance to the believer today. We will conclude the course with a powerful Communion Service that will positively change your life.


New Testament Survey

Instructor: Shuwanda Williams

The purpose of the New Testament Survey is to introduce you to a basic understanding and lead you to an inquiring study of the New Testament. You will be learning information about the social, historical, cultural, and religious backgrounds of the early church. Since this course is an introductory course, our survey review of each area will be limited; however, you will be acquiring confidence in your ability to understand and think theologically about the New Testament and its continuing importance for the modern Christian Church. You will understand how the scriptural foundations found in the New Testament can serve as a resource for you to live out the abundant life God has so ordained. If you are new Christian, it will give you an appetite to study the Word with more diligence. For those experienced in the faith, it will open up new truths to keep you growing in your Christian faith. Wherever you are in your Christian development, the class will meet you at your point of need.


Old Testament Survey

Instructor: Leo Jacobs

Provides a bird’s eye view of the entire Old Testament, from Genesis to Malachi, showing how the various books fit together, giving historical perspective and laying a foundation for interpreting all of Scripture. You will gain an appreciation for and cohesive understanding of the major figures, events, and themes of the Old Testament and its foundational relationship to the New Testament. You will (1) Learn how to effectively integrate the Old Testament into practical preaching, teaching, and counseling; (2) Understand basic knowledge of the content, sections and major themes of the Old Testament; (3) Understand and define the formation of the Old Testament Biblical canon; (4) Understand the various forms of literature in the Old Testament and how they should be interpreted; and (5) Be able to identify the basic geography and general time-line of Old Testament Biblical events.


Shattering Your Limitations By Faith

Instructor: David Perry

You will learn how to develop an active faith – a faith that gets results. You will discover methods of overcoming the visible world that presses in from all sides, demanding our attention. You will become proficient in how to receive and release your faith based on biblical principles. Faith is the currency of Heaven. You will (1) Learn that God desires to overcome our limits with His limitless ability; (2) Come to know that what we believe determines what we are able to receive; (3) Understand the creative power of the Spoken Word in our mouth; (4) Learn the Language of Faith; (5) Understand our uniqueness and how to increase the measure of faith prescribed to us; and (6) Learn to be spiritually conscious of your foundation and focus.


Book Of Revelation

Instructor: Robert Matthews

Understanding Jesus Christ is the foundation for understanding true Christianity, which is believing and living by His teachings and striving to imitate His perfect life. If you already have a good understanding of Christ’s life and teachings, this class will be an inspiring review and overview of that most precious understanding. It will also help prepare you to know how to explain to others our purpose in life and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. To be a true disciple of Christ means not only to be an admirer and follower, not only to obey and imitate Him, but to try to become like Him in every way. This class will help you toward that goal.



Instructor: Kaletus McCain

In this class we will discuss the fundamental Christian truths formulated in a way that will increase your understanding of the Bible, biblical sacraments and sacred traditions. We will explore the lives of the saints and explain how they serve as our guide to live as God intended us. Also we will explore the principles of the Christian religion in the form of questions and answers and explore both a knowledge of the scriptures and its doctrines so that you will understand what we believe, why we believe and where it is taught in The Word. Overall, the goal of this class is to discuss our faith so that you may be firmly grounded in God our Father and in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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