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Greetings in the name of our  Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, The GoodThe Great, and The Chief  Shepherd of the sheep.  Can you feel the excitement?   As The Shepherd’s House International Christian Church (TSHICC) family moves forward into our divine destiny, we do so with exuberant plans and provisions from the Lord.  We have such a vital destiny that will continue to expand as we walk together in the spirit of unity.  Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no progressive vision, people run aimlessly.”  God has given us a progressive and ever unfolding church family vision.  This vision disperses into all the earth and transcends social, racial, economic and generational boundaries.  There is much we must do together as a church familywhich is impossible to do alone.

As the pastor, I have sought the Lord and will follow His unfurling vision, which will guide our church family during this time.  I am excited about what lies ahead!  He has put into my spirit that, as a church family, we can take back and occupy the regions and territories the enemy has stolen.  Jesus Christ won the victory for us by defeating the devil.  Still, many don’t know that we are victorious through Jesus Christ.  We must do our part and tell those living defeated lives that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price at Calvary.  Witnessing this truth to the world empowers all generations to live on purpose.  I look forward to God’s provisions as we together fulfill our destiny in Him.

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EQUIPPING people for destiny.

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The Shepherd’s House International Christian Church (TSHICC) is a church that is commissioned to help people achieve their destiny. We will accomplish this by mentoring, caring for, and leading people around the world to Jesus Christ in truth and sincerity. Let us help you get connected to GOD so you can get connected to your destiny.

R. Kevin Matthews

R. Kevin Matthews

Senior Pastor

As Senior Pastor and Founder of the Shepherd’s International Christian Church, he is the epitome of a servant leader and his innate ability to connect people to their God-given purpose is unparalleled. In this vein, he empowers audiences across the country with Biblical-based teachings and practical tools to live in destiny instead of dreaming about it. The impact of Pastor Kevin’s ministry at The Shepherd’s House International Christian Church has caused church membership to nearly 1000 worshipers in 24 months.

CARING for people. EQUIPPING people for destiny. PREPARING people for eternity.

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God will use others to encourage us and will use us to encourage others.

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CARING for people.

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