Malissa Matthews

TSHICC- Leadership Team

Malissa Matthews serves with her husband, Senior Pastor R. Kevin Matthews of The Shepherd’s House International Christian Church (TSHICC). One of Malissa’s greatest honors is to share and demonstrate the love story of Jesus Christ which is a calling she joyfully embraces. She was born and raised in Maryland to a loving Native American family whom she gives major credit for her upbringing and spiritual foundation. She is the eighth child of nine.  She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior as a young adult.

Malissa attended Chesapeake Business Institute where she received a degree in Business. For the past 18 years, she has been the Practice Manager for a very successful Multi-Specialty Health Group with over 100 physicians.  Prior to going into healthcare, Malissa served under the tutelage of two of the most anointed and influential people in America, Bishop TD and Serita Jakes.  She served under them for several years. During those years, she developed a relationship where the they both imparted a wealth of spiritual wisdom and insight on living out her God-given purpose.

Malissa has been afforded the opportunity to sit at the feet of many spiritual men and women who educated her on the development of Christian Leadership.  Her desire is to offer today’s busy modern woman a simple yet practical plan to understand the joy of living and to live life through the lenses of love. She has been extremely honored that God joined her to her husband, Pastor R. Kevin Matthews, whom she supports in ministry.  As Pastor Kevin and Lady Malissa embark upon their journey in marriage and the birth a new church (TSHICC), they do so with love, support and respect for each other.  Their desire is to invest and effectively connect with others while expounding on the love and goodness of God. They desire to show the world the incredible hope that God provides as we journey through life in our God-given purpose.

Malissa has a deep love for music. She feels music does the soul good.  Music is a cure for sadness and a boost for happiness. She feels everything gets better when a song is involved.   Malissa lives in Upper Marlboro, MD with her husband and her two amazing stepchildren.


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