It was Resurrection Sunday.  TSHICC had just finished their second service.  Commissioned, the forever popular gospel group from Detroit, Michigan, wrecked the house with their worship in songs.   Pastor Kevin completed his sermon.  Just when everyone thought it was over, an Uber car pulls up outside the building. Quite naturally, one would think he is here to take the singers to the airport.  Well, things took a turn for the greater good!  Pastor Kevin had already instructed someone to wait for the Uber driver.  Then, bring him to the front of the church as soon as he arrives.
The Uber driver arrived and proceeded to the front of the church.  The church leaders ushered him to the stage with Pastor Kevin.  Pastor Kevin begins by asking the Uber driver his name.  He responds, “My name is Sunday.”   TSHICC church family roared in amusement.  Pastor Kevin stands there in amazement.  He then says, “Your name is what!”  The Uber driver repeats himself.  He responds calmly, “My name is Sunday.”   By this time, the entire church stood captivated by what would happen next.   Pastor Kevin says, “Sunday, I don’t know if you are ready for this, but what is about to happen to you is straight from heaven. You are about to get the biggest tip of your life.  You see, THSICC wants to be a blessing to the community.  We are starting our 50 days of compassion campaign where we just randomly bless people in our community for the next 50 days!   So,  I have in my hands… $10 …$200….$500….$1,000.  Wait a minute!  Does anyone else want to be a blessing to the Uber driver today?”  Members of TSHICC family run to the stage and give Sunday more donations.  By this time, Sunday is weeping uncontrollably.  Meanwhile, Pastor Kevin is decreeing and declaring blessings over his life, family, and future.
TSHICC has a mandate.  This body of believers are committed to demonstrating the visible love of Jesus Christ.  Come join us and you will see what all the fuss is about.





About TSHICC’s author- Sinetra Bowdry has a MPS in Public Relations from Georgetown University and MS in Communication Disorders from Howard University.  She is a school based Speech-Language Pathologist. She is also the CEO of Sint Communications.  Sint Communications is a boutique consulting firm that works with church organizations, CEOs, and non-profits to help create brand identity, website design, social media planning, and communications plans for crisis for individuals and corporations. She has worked with The World Bank, Magic Johnson Foundation, and National Alumni Associations.  Samples of her first E-Magazine can be found on LinkedIn under her name. She is a member of TSHICC. The firm was founded on the tenets of T.I.E. (Team, Integrity and Excellence).