TSHICC Packs Meals To Feed Starving Children Around The World

TSHICC partners with Pastor Charles Whitaker, senior pastor of The River of Life Church to feed starving children around the world. This incredible Christian worldwide feeding organization is called Feed My Starving Children (FMSC.org).

FMSC provides food to starving children with nutritious meal packs and resources around the world. Each meal pack costs 22 cents to feed a child. One hundred thousand  meal packs can provide 274 kids a meal per day for an entire year.  Since 2003, the FMSC organization collaborated with churches, community groups and companies to pack more than 2 billion meals in 68+ countries around the world. In 2017-2018, nearly 323 million meals shipped to 89 partners in 68 countries.

One hundred and thirty seven volunteers from TSHICC volunteered to pack meals. Along with volunteering, TSHICC donated $3,000 to fund this Saturday project.  TSHICC volunteers worked for two hours. They were able to pack 30,000 bags of food which will provide meals for 84 children for one year.

Please feel free to go to FMSC.org to see the incredible ministry that they are doing.  As always, partnering with The River of Life Church for this event is easy. Contact Pastor Whitaker at 240-375-7191 or our office at 301-316-5433 (Sandra Gibson). You can make your donations to The River of Life Church, c/o FMSC Project or go to www.riveroflifeonline.org and click on give.