TSHICC’s Women Help Habitat For Humanity Build Homes For Families

Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to reduce poverty housing and homelessness in the nation’s capital by building decent, affordable, energy-efficient homes for those in need.  As TSHICC’s determination is to see many who are lost become found, they also want to see many families in homes and thriving.

TSHICC’s women are working with Habitat for Humanity to build two homes in the DMV.

Pastor Kevin says, “We want to be a part of our community socially.  We don’t just want to stay within the four walls of our church.  We want to put our hands to the plow.  That means we want to help families get back on their feet. We want fathers and mothers to be able to keep their families together even if it means we have to build them a house. Our mandate is to represent God’s love.  Within the next 50 days, we want to change the world around us right in our community.”

As TSHICC continues to give back, each member is determined to use their time, talents, and resources to ensure that the community and the world are impacted.   The women of TSHICC continue to display love as they empower women to step out of the box and build.