Your First Steps Toward Your Destiny

New Members Class

Our Objectives

Once you join TSHICC, we encourage each new member to take our new membership class. Our objectives are as follows: (1) To introduce you to the leadership in TSHICC’s family; (2) To establish directions; (3) To share with the candidates the purpose, vision, and mission of TSHICC; (4) To inform about the confirmation requirements; (5) To be led by the Holy Spirit. During this time, we bathe the class in prayer. We ask God to cleanse us so He will be able to use us as vessels through which He can pour His healing, direction, wisdom, and love as each new member begins their journey into destiny.

Join our next new membership class. We meet every other 3rd Sunday for 80 minutes after the Sunday morning service.

Next Class Dates:

March 17, 2019

May 19, 2019

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