We Are A Place To Call Home.

CARING for people. EQUIPPING people for destiny. PREPARING people for eternity.

TSHICC’S Birthing

In April 2015, Pastor R. Kevin Matthews birthed in his heart The Shepherd’s House International Christian Church (TSHICC). In March 2017, TSHICC became established in Upper Marlboro, MD. Known as “The Shepherd’s House,” its name represents Jesus Christ as the Good, Great, and Chief Shepherd for the Body of Christ and the local church. TSHICC is a purpose-driven church that meets individuals where they are and shepherds them to their fullest potential in Christ and life. In addition, TSHICC is a place of refuge and love built upon three core commitments:

(1) To EXTEND UPWARD – TSHICC believes that in order to prepare for life’s journey, we must equip ourselves daily through prayer, praise, and worship. These actions demonstrate our love and devotion to Jesus Christ as our GOOD SHEPHERD.

(2) To TOUCH INWARD- TSHICC believes Godly relationships grow when people are more thoughtful, caring, loving, honest, respectful, and compassion towards each other. We touch inward to help people move from being a spectator to participant by preparing every member to serve God wholeheartedly within our local churches, homes, communities, marketplace and around the world. We do this by using the gifts and talents innately given to us by GOD as demonstrated by Jesus Christ our GREAT SHEPHERD.

(3) To STRETCH OUTWARD- TSHICC believes that if the CHIEF SHEPHERD left the ninety-nine to retrieve the one lost sheep, then, we must do the same. We must bring the lost, downtrodden, and broken souls back into the Kingdom of God ensuring our communities and the world that every person matters.

Pastor Kevin and his ministerial staff preach and teach the Word of God with conviction, truth, and sincerity. They are servant leaders after God’s heart who desire that God’s presence, love, and power encounter all who visit. Dedicated to fulfill its global mission and vision, TSHICC provides a worship experience that ministers to the entire family unit. There is room for you at the cross and there is room for you at The Shepherd’s House. Join us by becoming a member and your life will never be the same.