Let Us Help You Reach Your Destiny.

CARING for people. EQUIPPING people for destiny. PREPARING people for eternity.

Our Core Values

We believe TSHICC is called to empower people. We will work hard to ensure we are following these core values:

(1) God’s people will experience the life-changing presence of Him through praise and worship which will ignite a passion and deeper desire to seek Him.

(2) God’s people will develop a closer relationship with Him through relevant and practical teaching that will strengthen their daily walk in order to fulfill their God-given destiny.

(3) Through dynamic, soul-stirring preaching, we will encourage and uplift the hearts of God’s followers. This uplifting will propel men to the next level of His purpose.

(4) TSHICC will be witnesses for Jesus Christ- touching the world around us with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while making disciples of all people.

(5) God’s people will utilize all natural and spiritual gifts, callings, talents and abilities by serving in the local church, surrounding communities, and the world- at -large.

(6) God’s people will have strong and healthy relationships that will last a lifetime and every connection be purposeful.

(7) We will empower people to have an encounter with the Lord, Jesus Christ, that will help them discover and achieve their God-given destiny.